The Arts and the Creation of Modernity

About The Book

“Outrage will teach readers to think about modernity in new ways — as an era in which public disputes about art shifted our imaginations of society and our ability to critique the status quo. Giuffre’s book is the newest and best addition to a tradition of academic scholarship on cultural conflict and the politics of the arts.”

Jennifer Lena, Columbia University

“Giuffre persuasively and engagingly documents how artistically transgressive works not only violate the conventions of their own genres, but also offend contemporary sensibilities. They spur outrage in the short run, whether intentionally or inadvertently, but they also respond to and catalyze long-term social and moral change. A terrific work that shows how art and politics are recurrently intertwined.”

Paul McLean, Rutgers University

Anthony Comstok rides agin

The resurgence of American censorship and book bans

Interview conducted by Dr. Miranda Melcher

The Page 99 Test

“Open the book to page ninety-nine and read, and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you.” – Ford Madox Ford

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Summary of the main argument of Outrage: The Arts and the Creation of Modernity